Getting us there on time: doing School with a Mini Fashionista

My daughter is a serious little fashionista, all about the outfits, purses and shoes. Since my mother and sisters are the same way, I am assuming this gene skipped me for some reason. One of our dilimas in the morning is our daily fight over what she will wear. The problem here is not that she can’t match, but that 1) She will wear the same outfit three times a week if its a current favorite and 2) she is willing to risk her health for fashion, wearing mini skirts in freezing weather.1364305507829My two polar opposites. My son makes fashion choices by how fast he can run in them, he lives at the park and we see him at dinner 😀

In the month after my surgery, I got obsessive with organizing and started organizing all of our drawers. I even learned to fold clothes a new way (*gasp…sacriledge!). During that time I decided that we would start picking out her clothes a week in advance, using weather underground as our guide. It has been a serious lifesaver! So while all of her clothes except dresses are kept in drawers…

shirt drawer

Abigail’s summer shirts drawer

We pick out her outfits for the week and hang them up already matched with the shoes, with the rule that she cannot wear the same outfit more than once a week.

This weeks picks! Current favorite Monday's Outfit :)

This weeks picks! Current favorite Monday’s Outfit 🙂

This gives my Abby-girl the control she needs over her fashion choices, mom the peace of mind that the girl will be dressed appropriately (comforting the teacher I am not a complete idiot)…and upping the odds that maybe, just maybe, I might get the kids to school on time every day this week!


Picky People I Love

I am really obsessed with the whole frozen crock pot meals thing, spending many manic late nights chopping and mixing and scouring the web (I ❤ Pinterest!) for recipes and tips.  I threw in tons of veggies according to the recipes and introduced a lot of new recipes and styles of cooking, feeling quite proud of myself. I love cooking, I am a great cook, and I looked forward to showing off my new recipes to my family and receiving their gratitude and adoration.  This is a way I show my love.

Then I put it on the table. My older son eats anything put in front of him since he is not picky, and a bottomless pit.  I assumed it was because of my skill at choosing baby food during the formative years. My lovely little daughter, who some perverse reason decided her life goal is to squash my theory that picky children are a product of lax parenting, has inspected every ingredient (i.e. vegetable) that has been set in front of her and requested such gourmet food as PB&J, or maybe a hot dog, no bun. My husband apparently decided that he had an ally (or maybe a decoy) started picking through his food.  I was NOT happy.

If it involves chocolate, the girl is all in!

If it involves chocolate, the girl is all in!

Looking for recommended ways to deal with picky children turned up an article that said “food aversion” is more genetic than behavioral which was very disturbing to me as I had to take back all the nice things I’ve said about people.  Now you have to understand, I have spent years coercing (defined as force, press, pressure, strong-arm, twist somebody’s arm, force somebody’s hand, compel, bully, intimidate, drive, put the arm on) my husband that he did in fact like potatoes, hamburger, onion, vegetables, chinese food, and many italian dishes, and that he would not die if his food touched or if a dish had more than one vegetable in it. This is something I KNOW HOW TO HANDLE. Yeah right. The little bully has reduced me to threatening, begging and lots of other humiliating behavior.  Then I figured out how to beat ALL OF THEM! 1366139046565

This morning as I was loading the crock pot with all the yummy (and healthy!) stuff I love in spaghetti I got a very evil happy feeling. I threw all the veggies (onions, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots) in the food processor, threw it on shred, then dumped it back in the crock. One of the other of my picky pair “hates” all of those veggies. I mixed it all up, seasoned it and turned it on and plotted all day for dinner. I invited my BFF of 17 years over with her children and husband (names withheld to protect the picky<3) and put it on the table. It was scarfed down with seconds for most and lots of happy tummies and… NO ONE NOTICED!!!!!

I found my new secret weapons when it comes to meal-time, trickery and deception. Yes, I will make sure I do not feed anyone anything they are allergic to. No, I do not at all feel bad. I am the Mom, and I win!  And whether they know it or not, so do they.