The Treacherous Mom Strikes Again: Mexi-burgers

The treacherous cook has struck again! Yesterday I got stirred up to make burgers but to put to work some of my ideas. I defrosted three pounds of lean hamburger (discounted to $1.49 early a.m.!). I shredded 2 zucchini and one bunch of celery, then put the blade in and added 1/2 package of turkey bacon and pureed it together.

Pureed zucchini, celery & turkey bacon

Pureed zucchini, celery & turkey bacon

Then I mixed it into the hamburger and added seasoning (I mixed applewood, hickory maple & steak seasoning, cumin, dehydrated onions & garlic powder, along with a spoonful of salsa…YUM!) I cook with my nose so on this one go according to taste!


mixed into meat, estimating 1/2 is veggies!

Tossed it to cook, put mexican cheese on it, spread homemade guacamole on a tortilla to make it a mexi-burger! It was a hit that was ate with seconds by all with blissful ignorance. You can see the carnage below 🙂


one of the victims 🙂

This made about 11 servings (extra for dad’s lunch) at a cost of $0.94 cents per serving! Go Mom!